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Repair Services and Parts


Did you buy something that was “guaranteed” and now doesn’t work? The seller is offering a refund, but you have to send it back first? You aren’t alone! We see this everyday. It is hard to resist some of the cheaper prices online but there is almost always a catch.

We have all the required tools and knowledge to take apart your games and/or consoles and fix them! Please be as detailed as possible in what you would like us to attempt to repair.

Some common problems we see everyday are:

  • Missing parts or components.
  • Sticky buttons.
  • Game doesn’t work or freezes mid-play.
  • Save game file is corrupted or missing.
  • Batteries have run dry.

Please contact us even if your issue isn’t listed above.

We specialize in Nintendo products, but can usually fix anything. We can also repair certain console and accessory issues as well.
Or please see below for a list of parts we offer:

Batteries with tabs
(CR1616, CR2025, CR2032)

  • 1x – $3
  • 10x – $10

We have all battery types with the correct tabs ready to solder into any cartridge game.
Feel free to mix and max with the deal above.

If you are not sure which battery you need, feel free to contact us!
GBC games use the 1616 or 2025 batteries. Game Boy Advance games use 1616 batteries. The original Pokemon games use 2025s and the GBA ones use 1616s.
Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo 64 (N64) and Sega Genesis games use 2032 batteries.

Security Screwdriver Game Bits
For opening consoles and games.

  • 3.8mm Gamebit – $5
  • 4.5mm Gamebit – $5
  • Triwing – $5

SNES Fuse (125v / 1.5a)
Fix Super Nintendo Consoles that won’t power on. These are special 125v specific, a 250v is cheaper and will do the trick, but is unsafe for your console!

  • 1x – $5
  • 5x – $10
  • 20x – $20

Other Parts

  • Battery Cover for Game Boy Color (GBC) – $10 (5x for $25)
  • Battery Cover for Game Boy Advance (GBA) – $10 (5x for $25)
  • Battery Cover for Game Boy Original (GB) – $10 (5x for $25)
    Many Colours available!
  • Cover for N64 Expansion/Jumper Pak – $10 (5x for $25)
  • DS Stylus – $3
  • Power adapters for consoles – $20
  • AV Cables for consoles – $10

All parts listed are brand new. Any parts not installed by us are considered as-is.
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